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Your cargo vessel for sale: how to reach a good deal?

Putting up a cargo vessel for sale is no small matter. As an owner, you want a good price. But you would also want a delivery process to the buyer without any hurdles.

By a stroke of luck you might find the right buyer for your ship yourself. However, in almost all cases, it isn't that easy. Not only will your cargo vessel probably be a vessel operating in a niche market, putting up a cargo vessel for sale is also a global business. Your potential buyers could also be scattered around the globe.

That is why shipbrokerage companies can accompany you in any process to sell your vessel. Roughly spoken, there are two kinds op shipbrokers: those who concentratie on mass and bulk and those who concentrate on niches.

A shipbrokerage company that is renowned for its concentration on niche markets is ARAS Shipbrokers from Rotterdam. This company specializes in cargo vessels for sale, but up to 40.000 ton dwt and primarily related to dry cargo, MPP and container (including, however, tankers and offshore). The cargo vessels for sale might be new or secondhand.

The company likes to think of itself as a partner for any ship owner interested in getting a fair price and the right payment conditions. Because the company is run by ex seafarers rather than by marketing people, this would be the best guarantee for a happy ending when putting up a cargo vessel for sale.

Aras Shipbrokers

  • S&P brokerage in multiple niche markets
  • Specialist ship evaluation service
  • Marine consultancy and market information

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