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Putting up a heavy lift ship for sale

Putting up a heavy lift ship for sale should not be that difficult. After all, there are not that many heavy lift ships around and there are not that many customers that would like to have them.

So the question arises: why should one need a shipbroker for a heavy lift ship changing hands? This is a valid question. This question also has a valid answer.

When one buys such a specific vessel, it is of the utmost importance to know the expectations of the customer. These expectations, in turn, can be influenced by experts who could advise both owner and potential buyers about any hurdles that might arise, be they technical (on or in the heavy lift ship itself) or regulatory (concerning the right paperwork).

This expertise can only be in the hands of people who deal quite regularly with technical issues and financial transactions. In practice, only shipbrokerage companies which concentrate on a niche (like this one of heavy lifting ships) are capable of guiding both owner and buyer.

One of the shipbrokers that is renowned for its expertise in this field is ARAS Shipbrokers from Rotterdam. This shipbrokerage company is rather small, but run by ex seafarers who know their way around on ships and...indeed on shore, as far as the regulatory paperwork is concerned. This shipbroker concentrates itself on dry cargo, MPP and container vessels roughly up to 40.000 ton dwt. The vessels could be both new or secondhand.

Aras Shipbrokers

  • S&P brokerage in multiple niche markets
  • Specialist ship evaluation service
  • Marine consultancy and market information

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