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A heavy lift vessel: how to change hands?

There are not that many heavy lift vessels around. That is why it should be rather easy to find a buyer for any such vessel.

Although it would probably not be a problem to find a buyer, it could be argued that after such a trustworthy buyer has been found, the real delivery process has yet to begin. Is the heavy lift vessel in a good enough technical state and who should judge that? Are there any regulatory issues that should be dealt with?

A heavy lift ship vessel has so many technical ins and outs that a potential buyer should consider it to be in his interest to share his insights about such a vessel with an independent outsider. This independent party should know his way around on any heavy lift vessel. His integrity should be beyond dispute.

Are there any shipbrokers who could fulfil this role? There are, but it should be noted that it is best to concentrate on rather small shipbrokers in this particular case. That is to say: brokers that have real in-depth knowledge about such complicated ships as heavy lift vessels.

When looking for a shipbroker in the segment of heavy lift vessels, quantity is secondary. A good example of a shipbroker that has built up in-depth expertise in the field of heavy lift vessels, is ARAS Shipbrokers. This Dutch company from Rotterdam is run by ex seafarers, who not necessarily put earnings before experience.

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