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Seagoing vessel for sale: not an every day event

Putting up your seagoing vessel for sale is a decision with a lot of consequences.

These consequences could and should not be only financial. A good price for your vessel is extremely important, but so is the knowledge that your seagoing vessel is put on sale with all the accompanying paperwork in trustworthy hands. If you could combine the two, if would certainly feel reassuring.

Here, indepedendent ship brokerage companies might come into play. There are all kinds of shipbrokers. Most of them concentrate on any seagoing vessel. These brokers do not only literally cover the globe, they also cover any deal concerning any seagoing vessel.

There are, however, shipbrokers that concentrate themselves on niche markets, like dry cargo, a limitation in weight and so on. It could be argued that these shipbrokers might be the best way to go forward in particular cases.

One such a shipbroker is ARAS Shipbrokers from Rotterdam. This ship brokerage company is run by ex seafarers. ARAS indeed limits the the number of seagoing vessels they want to be involved with. The company concentrates on seagoing vessels for dry cargo and 'MPP' - although tankers and offshore are also considered niche markets. ARAS does not consider 'mass and bulk' to be its primary playing field.

Since a seagoing vessel could be very specific indeed, specific technical and financial expertise may be called for. Since ARAS is run by 'men from the sea' rather than 'landlubbers', the people from Rotterdam might be the right choice.

Aras Shipbrokers

  • S&P brokerage in multiple niche markets
  • Specialist ship evaluation service
  • Marine consultancy and market information

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