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Shipbrokers have at least one big advantage. They know which vessels are for sale. If they cannot offer you the right choice, they always know where to have another look. Shipbrokers are equipped to do that. It is their job.

Finding the right vessel might not be that problematic, although, of course, the price of the ship involved might always become an issue. However, the most important thing for a buyer is that he will get as much an assurance as is possible that the deal is in line with his expectations. A shipbroker should realize that these expectations primarily relate to the technical state in which the vessel is bought.

Although there is a tendency that shipbrokers want to focus on financial matters, leaving technical and practical matters aside, there also is a tendency that shipbrokers want to concentrate on expertise by limiting their working field to certain niches.

A shipbroker that is well-known for its focus on niche markets is ARAS Shipbrokers, located in the port of Rotterdam. ARAS focuses on dry cargo and MPP, leaving aside the mass and bulk vessels.

Particularly striking of this shipbroker is that it is run by seafarers, people who were captain or first officer. In this sense, specialization could go hand in hand with generalization: ARAS does not only want to present a background in financial expertise, but also in technical and practical knowledge. This combination may well lead to the best of both worlds.

Aras Shipbrokers

  • S&P brokerage in multiple niche markets
  • Specialist ship evaluation service
  • Marine consultancy and market information

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