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Shipbroking is all about money - or isn't it?

Is shipbroking all about money? Well, yes and... no.

One could argue that shipbroking is about finding the right parties to exchange an object, a vessel in this case. This is very true and should be at the heart of any endeavour to let a vessel change hands.

But once the parties have found each other and a price is agreed upon, a lot of work remains to be done. A technical check of the vessel might be in order to reassure both seller and buyer that they could be satisfied with the result once they put their signatures on paper. Also, the fact that shipbroking implies the completion of the necessary paperwork might give both a reassuring feeling.

Shipbroking is, to sum it up, a complete package - not only a meeting point for bringing together two parties.

This view on shipbroking implies that specialization is almost a must. When dealing with mass and bulk vessels, standardization might lead to - indeed - standard deals. However, when specialized vessels are involved, such a point of view is not longer possible - not when one takes the job of shipbroking seriously, that is.

A shipbroker that has always been at the forefront of specialized shipbroking is ARAS Shipbrokers from Rotterdam. This shipbroker, run by people who have 'sailed the seas' themselves, focuses on specific niche markets such as dry cargo, MPP, tankers and offshore, both secondhand and newbuildings. This interpretation of shipbroking is not hardselling, but certainly on the rise.

Aras Shipbrokers

  • S&P brokerage in multiple niche markets
  • Specialist ship evaluation service
  • Marine consultancy and market information

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